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About Us 

Who we are

Secure Logic pioneers Cybersecurity Technology with a strategic emphasis on advancing innovative cybersecurity solutions. Our commitment is to address complex challenges encountered by contemporary enterprises, including transitioning entire organizations to an As-A-Service paradigm, proactively detecting emerging threats, and revolutionizing the delivery of digital services through cutting-edge technology.

At Secure Logic, we leverage a synergistic blend of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Human Quotient to create next-generation cybersecurity solutions. This fusion of advanced AI algorithms and human intelligence is instrumental in resolving intricate technology and security-related hurdles faced by organizations today.

Secure Logic India Private ltd.

“Secure Logic India Pvt Ltd” a foreign subsidiary under "Secure Logic Group"  was established in the year 2018.  


We are a Foreign subsidiary of Singapore Company, “Secure Logic Pte Ltd” was established in 2014 , over the years we have expanded into a Group of companies so-called Secure Logic Group which comprise of the following companies across APAC region.


Secure Logic Group​

  • Secure Logic Pte Ltd.

  • Secure Logic Infosec SDN. BHD.  

  • Secure Logic India Private Ltd.


We are the leaders in the implementation of Security Architecture, consultation & Advisory services. We partner with leading Technology vendors & solutions for us to be able to provide the most innovative & cost-effective solution's to our customer's.

Note : The parent entity (Secure Logic Pty Ltd) in Australia was consolidated , the Australian entity was acquired by TNT (Tesserent Pty Ltd ) , so it is no more part of the Secure Logic Group of companies . 

Core Strength & Service offerings 

Our Focus is on Innovation & Next-Gen Solutions, Emphasizing BFSI, Finance, Telecom, and other Sector of Businesses :

  • Trusted Advisory Partner for Federal Organizations:

    • Serving as a reliable Subject Matter Expert (SME) in advisory services for federal government organizations, driving innovation in the public sector and fostering advancements in security practices.

  • Tailored Security Solutions for Key Industries:

    • Providing cutting-edge security solutions customized for the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI), Finance, Telecom, and Payment sectors, with a proven track record such as the successful deployment of the I-vote solution for the NSW Government.

  • Innovative Technical Solutions for Enterprises:

    • Delivering advanced technical solutions, including open cloud-based infrastructure setups for entities in the BFSI, finance, telecom, and payment industries, showcasing a commitment to pioneering solutions in these sectors.

  • Active Role in Security Standards Development:

    • Contributing to the evolution of payment security standards and encryption protocols as a member of Encryption Task Forces (ETF), and through active participation in RFCs, illustrating a proactive stance in shaping the next-gen security landscape for BFSI, finance, telecom, and payment industry players.

  • Comprehensive Compliance & Transformation Services:

    • Offering focused compliance and consulting services to drive transformation across various sectors, particularly catering to BFSI, finance, telecom, and payment entities, including Tier-1 and Tier-2 customers, demonstrating expertise in navigating industry-specific compliance frameworks.

  • Innovative Business Advisory for Industry Growth:

    • Providing innovative business advisory services specifically tailored for startups and clients in the BFSI, finance, telecom, and payment sectors, aiding in their expansion and scale-up efforts through transformative business strategies.

  • Industry-Leading Threat Intelligence & Security Capabilities:

    • Operating an Advanced Threat Intelligence Center, such as the Cyber Security Operations Center (SOC) and Cyber Threat Intelligence Center (CTIC), equipped with proprietary monitoring tools to combat sophisticated threats prevalent in BFSI, finance, telecom, and payment industries.

  • Proactive Approach Towards Information Security & Regulatory Compliance Regarding BFSI:

    • Conducting regular readiness drives to ensure robust information security practices and navigate evolving regulatory requirements within the dynamic landscapes of BFSI, finance, telecom, and payment industries, staying at the forefront of next-gen security solutions tailored to industry-specific needs.

Some of our Core Security Consulting resource qualifications are PCI DSS QSA, SANS GIAC CIH, CRISC, CCSK, CISM, ISO27001:2013, CISA, CISSP, COBIT, LPT (Licensed Penetration Tester), Cisco Certified Design Professional, ISACA Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT ,Australian DSD Certified Info Sec Register Assessor (iRAP) and more.

Through a steadfast commitment to innovation and next-generation solutions, our company remains dedicated to advancing security practices and driving technological excellence in the BFSI, finance, telecom, and other sector of businesses. 

Past working experience

We have worked with companies like IBM, TAIB , Alibaba, Telekom Malaysia, Maybank , GHL (PH & TH) , AXS Singapore, MC payment Singapore, Shaw Brothers ,NSW(New South Wales)  Customer Services (DFSI),NSWWater, SCB, MC Payment , BookmyShow , DTC… & more 


Our prime focus has been to deliver Quality & greater commitment towards service .

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