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Offensive Testing 

Secure Logic’s Offensive testing methodology is tried & proven. 

Testing SME with offensive testing skills are engaged to carry unique tests like DDOS, Endurance test, and Protocol-level hijacking techniques; based on the scope, our SME will plan attacks by writing packets to be able to defeat the intelligence of the system , application. These tests are carried to ensure the High availability of the systems & applications from the logical protocol level perspective.

Secure Logic’s penetration testing framework based on industry best practice that addresses an organization’s risk , but a very unique set of tools & greater intelligence would be required to plant such specific tests /attacks. HA tests to evaluate a Single point of failure would also fall into this category. Other types of tests are listed below. 

  • Breaking point Analysis 

  • Single Point of Failure Analysis 

  • Load testing 

  • Endurance tests 

  • Protocol hijacking /jacking.

  • Confuse & diffuse .




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