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Events & updates

Chronological Events by Date : 

2021 Update - Tesserent acquired Secure Logic’s managed security services provider (MSSP) in March 2021 ,Tesserent returns to profit as revenue rises by 235% as per the Public release dated on 30th Aug 2021 .

2020 - Quarter-2 Webinar hosted for the public "Free Webinar Series on Digitalization & Payment Security " 

A free webinar series with a strategy to touch upon the fundamentals of Information Security Management, digitalization & its impact globally,

 further to provide insight into the  payment card industry’s terminologies & PCI DSS




2020 - Quarter-2 Cyber Initiative: Securing E-India initiative 

This is a goodwill initiative to ensure all E-commerce platform's across India

are secured, to be able to contribute back to Safe & Secure India E-commerce computing.


2020 Quarter-2  - COVID-19 update

Due to the COVID-19 situation, most of the employees are advised to work from home, further to ensure zero impact on all of our customers, we have enabled a new process called work from home facilitation process to track projects & activity. 

2019 - Quarter-3 Update 

Telekom, Malaysia to become PCI DSS Compliant. 

GHL Systems, Philippines to win the Integrity Award for the Year. 

2019 Moments Captured 


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