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GRC Consulting & Audit Services

Our Consulting Methodology is uniquely defined to fit to inherit the best from standards to provide higher results, we believe consulting is more than just assisting & providing a solution, it’s an intellectual process of understanding, analyzing & applying skills & knowledge to address the need of a Customer. While IT audit is formally focused on the verification and validation of the quality and effectiveness of the IT controls to support the overall business control objectives. We at Secure Logic follow the globally accepted auditing standards with a prime focus on Quality & Integrity Parameter. A Typical Audit & the Compliance Process follow the below Steps.​

Audit Types based on Standards or regulatory requirements:


•    ISO/IEC 27007:2011 


•    Focused Audit  Services – Data Center, Enterprise Network Systems, Product & Solutions & IT Services.


•    Audit & Compliance Coverage  – PCI DSS , SOC 2, COBIT, ISO ISMS & QMS & HIPPA

Audit Process.png
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