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Container Service's

Container works as PaaS?

Containers service relies on the OS-level virtualisation to deliver the software by using Docker and Kubernetes. It runs on a single Operating-System Kernel, thus they are lightweight than Virtual Machines. It works for the issue on how to get software run accurately when passed from one computing environment to another environment.

Containers are portable, reliable, scalable, flexible, stackable and secure.

Docker is set to platform as a service, as it delivers software through packages in container. Docker is a platform for developers and sysadmins to build, share and run applications with containers. Fundamentally, a container is nothing but a running process, with some encapsulation features applied to it in order to keep it isolated from the host and from other containers. Each container interacts with its own, private filesystem with isolation through specified Docker images, consists of the code or binary, runtimes, dependencies, and any other filesystem objects.

$apt install docker to install Docker image into the Linux.

$docker container --help gives the information related to the executable commands in the Docker.

Docker Architecture:

The client can build, pull and run the images, by retrieving through the Docker Host. Docker Host has Docker Daemon running with Docker images in the container, where the Docker Images have repositories in the Docker Registry. Docker Registry is loaded with the following servers.


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