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Readiness Drive

We at Secure Logic help you to be ready for current & future challenges around the Cybersecurity space. 

Our Readiness drive is designed to get you ready for any challenges posted around the Cybersecurity arena. 

We have been helping customers to be ready with compliance requirements around ISO ISMS , HIPPA , PCI DSS , SOC 2 & more.

The scope of the readiness drive is to get the entity ready for the actual certification process,  Our SME's will be able to prepare customer through the Readiness drive to be fully ready for the actual certification program.

Readiness drive:

  1. Initial Assessment -To obtain a detailed understanding of the current state of the assessed entity against the Controls/standards/requirements and determine the gaps between the standard/requirement and their current standing.  Submit Gap Assessment report along with Management Briefing.

  2. Final readiness assessment - Coordinate with Internal stakeholders, assess the GAP against new state, report new gaps, track gaps until closure, provide comprehensive final readiness report along with Management briefing.

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