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Unleashing the Power of Next-Gen Security: A 360 Degree Approach

Get Future SMART 

 A 360-degree cybersecurity approach is not merely a collection of disparate expensive security tools and measures; it is a cohesive SMART strategy that integrates various layers of protection to create a robust defense against cyber threats. With the emerging technology the threat landscape is also evolving, so it is about the integration of the best tools and technology along with knowledge applications to be able to deliver greater results and measurable outcomes for businesses. 

CyberSecurity Problem Area , Our Aim & Focus

Due to rapid changes in the technology landscape & and the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual reality (VR), and machine Intelligence (MI), there is a huge shift in the risk management landscape, traditional approaches must be modified to integrate it with tools & data feeds to be able to solve the ever-growing cyber risk problem by addressing the Adaptability, scalability & reliability issues in the current & future scenario.


Our Aim  :

To be the most trusted Security partner, by solving some of the biggest challenges in the Technology, Cybersecurity, Governance and risk arena.

Our Focus :

Building a great culture with greater resources should be one of the highest priorities for organizations to go far  and to be excellent in whatever they do.

 Our Vision

To be a Global Leader in the Cybersecurity Consulting space.


Quality - Innovation -  Integrity - Commitment


Our Services

Quality & Commitment  throughout 

Our Services

Next-Gen GRC

Weathering the Emerging Technology Storm with Agility and Scale.

The business landscape is undergoing a seismic shift due to all-time high-frequency changes. Emerging technologies like AI, blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IoT) offer incredible opportunities, but also introduce a new breed of crisis: tech-driven disruptions. Traditional GRC solutions, siloed and rigid, simply can't keep pace.

Next-Gen Security Testing  

Next-generation focused security assessment and testing for IoT, blockchain DAO, and AI technologies require specialized considerations to address the unique challenges and security requirements of these domains.

Business Advisory 

Does your Business goals meet the demands of an evolving dynamic market?

Are you on a continuous improvement program that is leading you to a greater transformation required for sustainability?

Cloud Security

Having no boundaries, with common perimeter & multi-tenancy practices, Security is still a major requirement for customers to ensure their data is protected round the clock with zero data theft or leakage.

Readiness Drive

We help customers implement standards as part of the Readiness drive initiative, which includes SOC 2 , PCI DSS & more. Our SME's get you ready for the actual final audit by being your trusted advisory 24/7 .

Training & Support

We provide Training to be able to upscale your employees as per the business requirement. 

Our Training catalog includes PCI DSS Control implementation, Network Self Defense & more.

Visitor stats


“SecureLogic Team are very professional, they delivery what they committed to their client.”

Jayson Roque
Technical Head of GHL Systems Philippines Inc.

Ready to find out more?

Customer Case Study - TAIB , Brunei 

Mr. ... was very diligent and thorough with the audit performed on our organization. From the start of the project to the final stage and completion of the report on compliance, the unwavering professionalism and expertise shown by Secure Logic, particularly Mr. ......, were exemplary. Although the whole journey was time consuming, it was truly a wonderful learning experience and Mr. ...... was instrumental in helping us achieve the certification.

PCI-DSS allows us to have improved security processes in key areas of data security and we hope that this can be continued with annual reviews of our internal controls and processes thus instilling a culture of continuous improvement in Perbadanan TAIB.

Perbadanan TAIB's attainment of PCI DSS compliance showcases Secure Logic's commitment to nurturing a security-first culture, by allowing Perbadanan TAIB to provide a secure and reliable payment service for our customers. 

To conclude, we would like to express our gratitude to Secure Logic for their patience, professionalism, and dedication in assisting us through this whole journey and highly recommend their services to any organization that wishes to obtain certification for PCI-DSS.

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